Patient Evaluation Study

It’s all about patient-centered care.

Alfred: SmartBag is a data forward option for caring for your ostomy patients. We offer a range of products and services that have proven to be beneficial for both patients and medical teams. Since our inception we have partnered with 28 different hospital systems to trial our technology and these relationships have proven successful.

As we continue towards our goal of improving outcomes for stoma patients – we are looking for the feedback of trusted advisors in the medical field. If you have patients who are preparing to undergo surgery, or recently completed, we want to help. We are supporting new ostomates for 30 days on our Alfred: SmartCare system for a limited time.


Evaluation Study Overview


  • To participate a provider can recommend patients either by contacting us here or by asking your patient to download the Alfred: SmartCare app.
  • We will get in touch with the patient, confirm their eligibility, provide detailed information about the study and ask them to consent to participate in the evaluation.
  • For patients joining within a week of their surgery, enough devices will be provided for a minimum of 90 days. • For patients joining more than one-week post-surgery, enough devices will be provided for a minimum 30 days. • Patients will receive devices at no charge while they are part of the study.
  • Patients will be asked to complete a survey every 30-days regarding their experience and usability of the SmartCare system.