11 Health was created from a hospital bed in Oxford, United Kingdom.

Our founder and CEO, Michael Seres, suffered from severe Crohn’s Disease for most of his life and he ultimately required an intestinal transplant and an ileostomy.

Michael was the 11th person in the UK to have this procedure.

Michael’s post-operative care as an ileostomy patient was far from ideal and this mirrored the experiences of other patients. Despite the huge advances and improvements in healthcare globally, stoma patients were still being treated with the same bags and the same archaic principles. It was as if time had stood still.

Human to human connection

The vision for 11 Health is to create a connected care community where everyone is valued equally. A community consisting of patients, doctors, nurses, hospitals and insurance companies all of whom benefit – a family supporting each other united by a desire to make a difference.

Our Teams

Team leadership and key personnel

Bernhard Gilbey

Chief Executive Officer

20 years experience of successfully developing and implementing global strategies

Dr. Rob Fearn MD

Chief Medical Officer and Product Architect

Physician & Gastroenterologist with 15 years innovation and digital leadership experience in healthcare

Naresh Bhavaraju, PhD

VP of Engineering and Technology

20+ years experience developing medical device technologies for chronic disease management


Regional Sales Account Manager


Senior Data Scientist / Algorithm Engineer


Direct Patient Sales Manager


Business Development Manager


Senior Data Scientist /
Algorithm Engineer


Clinical Nursing Director


Clinical Education Manager


Senior Manager – Engineering

Smart, just got smarter!