11 Health and Technologies Limited - A Connected Medical Device Company

The Future of Patient Led Healthcare

At one point in our lives we will get sick. Initially we all look to our doctors and healthcare professionals to heal us. To mend broken limbs, to bandage bumps and bruises, or sometimes diagnose and treat more serious illnesses and disease. Then they become our partners and collaborators in our fight. Together we build a relationship. Along the way we will learn, we will ask many questions, and we will look for new ways, new technologies to help restore us to a state of equilibrium. To restore health, quality of life and the peace of mind to carry on.

11 Health was born in the hospital ward. It was founded on the principle that patients play a lead role in managing their quality of care. And, that positive outcomes are the result of good patient experiences, shared decision making and meaningful interactions with physicians, surgeons, nursing teams and healthcare professionals.

We are invested in the belief that the 11 Health brand is owned by patients and end users. Our founder was a patient when he invented his first device, the ostom-i Alert. He is a long-term patient tackling multiple complex conditions. That being the case, everything we do begins and ends with the patient. Our goal is to provide peace of mind to patients and users, and to enable and empower them to participate and even take control of their care and monitoring.

11 Health is not just a company or brand. We are advocates, thought leaders and innovators who have realized that we have the ability to create real solutions that can change lives. We fully understand the future of medicine and care and that there is a need to push harder, to fight longer and to ask questions. At 11 Health, we always punch above our weight.

We are not afraid of new technologies and at the same time we believe that this new generation of devices and apps do not have to be overly complex to be useful and beneficial for everyday use.

11 Health, is a connected medical device company, connected in the sense that all of our patented devices use Bluetooth® wireless technology to send secure real-time data to most mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets and watches. Data is stored on a HIPAA compliant cloud server and then shared with physicians, clinicians, nurses and family members who care for you. We create an elegant and seamless experience between the hardware and the proprietary apps designed by patients, physicians and nurses in cooperation with our engineering teams.

What makes 11 Health unique to the healthcare space, is that our people are passionate about results. Collecting data, studying previous experiences and analyzing cases is standard operating procedure. We frequently ask for input from patients and users and of course healthcare workers from all ends of the spectrum, from home care providers to transplant surgeons. Everyone adds value, and new ideas can also come from everywhere. There are no rules and we make no assumptions.

11 Health has an open door policy. We want you to contact us or even come to our offices to share your thoughts and ideas. Our CEO and founder Michael Seres regularly talks to patients and users. He is after all one himself. And, he frequently is invited to speak at medical conferences all over the world on the subjects of patient advocacy and new technology.

11 Health and Technologies Limited - A Connected Medical Device Company

We strive to empower patients to take control of their lives by using connected devices such as the ostom-i ALERT. A device born in the hospital ward and built by patients with support and input of some of the best minds in medicine. We make affordable products that are easy to use and deliver a good patient experience. This applies to both the patient and healthcare professionals.

11 Health and Technologies Limited - A Connected Medical Device Company

11 Health and Technologies Limited Founder and thought leader Michael Seres frequently speaks at medical conferences all over the world. He is a champion in the movement to get patients more involved in their treatment. Moreover, Michael understands the benefits that can be obtained by using new technology in the delivery of that care.