Frequently Asked Questions

Frequent Asked Questions

Should my Alfred SmartWafer be in a specific orientation?

The SmartWafer should be placed in whatever orientation is comfortable for you, however we recommend having the battery of the SmartWafer facing away from your navel.

Does insurance cover SmartBag 2?

Yes! We currently operate under a self-referral system. Our account managers will guide you through the process, contact us for more details!

How do I get a Patient Coach?

Reach out to us here! Tell us a little about your situation and we will pair you with a coach! 

What types of ostomies does the SmartBag 2 support?

Currently the SmartBag and SmartWafer fit the majority of ileostomates. However, if you have a loop stoma, urostomy, wear a convex wafer, are obese or have complex anatomy then our SmartBag and SmartWafer may not work for you. Contact us here to request a sample and contact your medical teams for guidance.

How long will the battery last for the Alfred SmartBag/SmartWafer?

The battery will last 2-3 days after your device is activated.

Do I need a specific type of phone to use the Alfred: SmartCare App?

The App is supported on both Android products (version 21, Android 5.0 or above i.e. Android Lollipop) as well as Apple products that support iOS Version 11.0 or greater.

Can I replace the battery in the Alfred SmartBag/SmartWafer?

No. Do not tamper or open the Alfred SmartBag or Alfred SmartWafer. If you are experiencing difficulties activating your device, please contact our Customer Service.

Can I wear my SmartBag System on the plane?

Yes, simply turn off your mobile device’s Bluetooth to switch off the connection between your mobile device and the SmartBag System.

Can I charge my Alfred SmartBag/SmartWafer?

No, the Alfred SmartBag and the Alfred SmartWafer are single use devices and are unable to be charged.

How do I dispose my SmartBag System?

The SmartBag System can be disposed in a normal trash bin after wrapping or placing in a disposal bag as the system does not contain mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd) or led (Pb).

Can I clean my SmartBag System?

Follow the cleaning directions given in our user manual found on our website www.11.health.

Can I shower with my SmartBag System?

The SmartBag System should not be exposed to excessive moisture. If you wish to shower with the SmartBag System, make sure to completely cover the bag and wafer.

What if I want to order more SmartBags or SmartWafers?

Additional supplies can be ordered through the app, through customer service, or by speaking with your Patient Coach for more information.

Can I use the SmartBag with any clicking or convex wafer?

No. Given the special design of our SmartBag System, it only works with our flat SmartWafer.

My stoma is bigger than the SmartWafer’s guiding cut-lines. Do you have bigger sizes?

No. We currently only have the maximum size of 42mm.

My SmartBag doesn’t feel secure when I attach to the SmartWafer. How can I fix this?

If you want extra security, you may use flange extenders or adhesive spray with the SmartBag System.

My SmartBag System is broken, what should I do?

For any queries, assistance or technical issues, please contact our Customer Service line as detailed on our website at www.11.health.

My skin feels itchy when I wear the SmartWafer. Is this normal?

If you feel any skin soreness or irritation that is not associated to a leak, please stop using the SmartBag System and contact your clinical team.

Can I wear the SmartBag System if I’m pregnant?

If you have any concerns about wearing the SmartBag System, speak to your clinical team to make sure our device is suitable for you.

My child is under 18 years old, can he/she wear the SmartBag?

We do not recommend children under 18 years old to use the SmartBag System as usage is based on the body type of the patient. If your child currently uses a high output bag, and if you would like to use the additional features that our SmartBag System provides, then please seek advice from your clinician who will determine whether the system will be suitable for your child. Please be aware that our 11 Health care services are available to patients of all ages.

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