Data driven solutions paired with technology that supports efficiency for medical teams and better quality of life for patients.

Our products and services are proven to reduce readmission, decrease in-office visits, improve outcomes and foster more efficient clinical teams.

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As doctors of IBD and colorectal cancer, you understand more than most the importance of keeping your high-risk patients healthy and at home. In times of COVID-19 we can deliver on that goal with our Remote Patient Monitoring technology paired with our telehealth coach support. Our products and services are proven to reduce readmission, decrease in-office visits, improve outcomes and foster more efficient clinical teams.


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Benefits for Patients

The Alfred: SmartCare app containing:

  • ERAS checklists and prehabilitation program support
  • Stoma-specific documentation provided by the hospital
  • Educational resources created by 11 Health to support ostomates
  • Current and historical views of stoma output, activity and skin conditions
  • Real time chat with an experienced health coach who is an ostomate themselves
  • An evidence-based education program specific to ostomy to support the patient in meeting their goals
  • Digital insights into their output, interactions, health check results and trackers
  • A route to escalate clinical concerns to an 11 Health nurse or their own clinical team
Benefits for Hospital Departments


  • Tailored prehabilitation programs, checklists and patient instructions for prospective ostomates
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel: display a department’s condition-specific education materials and documents within the Alfred: SmartCare app
  • Remote monitoring using the Alfred SmartBag ostomy appliance system tracked by experienced RPM nurses
  • SmartBag insights into stoma activity and cumulative stoma output
  • SmartWafer insights into skin condition and risk of leakage
  • Access to the 11 Health ‘Pathways’ advanced patient educational program
  • Specialist coaching and real time chat for every patient from an ostomate who is a trained health coach
  • Track patients, including SmartBag and SmartWafer data in the 11 Health clinical dashboard in order to identify any relevant issues that could affect perioperative outcomes
  • Specify care plans and monitor criteria specific to a department’s patients including acceptable preventable measures

Bespoke custom support services powered by

Preoperative Support

Preoperatively ostomates can access hospital documentation, scheduling information and bespoke educational content. In addition, they can engage in educational modules and goal setting to ensure they are optimally prepared for life with an ostomy. 

All patients are provided with a trained health coach who is or has been an ostomate to ensure that hospital protocols and evidence based preventative health measures are followed. Patients connect with their coach, their resources and their team via the Alfred: SmartCare app and providers can connect to the 11 Health Clinical dashboard where patient engagement and issues can be monitored. 

Postoperative Support

Postoperatively, educational support, coaching and health tracking continues. Patients also receive the Alfred: SmartBag system, the world’s first smart ostomy appliance system comprising the SmartBag and SmartWafer. Connecting wirelessly to the Alfred: SmartCare app, data on stoma activity, cumulative output, risk of leakage and changes in skin condition are transmitted to the patient and clinical team. 

As for Alfred: ERAS we work with a provider’s department to understand existing workflows and integrate our services seamlessly, so patients experience this wrap-around care as an extension of their clinical experience. By identifying the clinical and non-clinical staff already communicating with patients and providing them with customized tools this can make existing services more efficient and minimize additional steps. 

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