“Patients undergoing major intestinal surgery resulting in ostomy creation, living with an ostomy, or managing a chronic disease experience worse health than the general population, particularly relating to impaired quality of life. They experience issues such as dehydration, peristomal skin conditions, and hospital readmissions more frequently.1 Complications including high output stoma and skin complaints have been reported at rates as high as 59%.2 Close monitoring of ostomy output volume and perioperative self-management support to drive preventative health behaviors and early detection of adverse clinical events can significantly reduce hospital readmission and emergency department (ED) visits within the first 30 days after ostomy surgery.3–5 To address these points a novel ostomy care model was designed.”

Fearn, Robert I. M.D., M.R.C.P.1,2; Gorgun, Emre M.D.3; Sapci, Ipek M.D.3; Mehta, Saahil N. M.D.2; Dinh, Binh B.S.2; Yowell, Quinn V. M.S.2; Eisenstein, Samuel M.D.4

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