Games, giveaways, and good fun – we’re having a virtual tailgate!

Help us celebrate Ostomy Awareness Day on Saturday 10/3 at 4pm EST for an afternoon of fun! Join our stoma bingo game, participate in a scavenger hunt, and don’t forget to enter our ostomy bag decorating contest!

Did we mention there will be prizes and a grand raffle?

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·        3/4 cup / 180 ml pineapple juice

·        1/2 cup / 120 ml pure coconut water

·        Splash of sparkling water

·        Optional honey for sweetener

·        Fresh mint and lime slices for garnish

·         Servings: 2


1.     Combine the pineapple juice and coconut water in a cocktail shaker or mason jar filled with ice. Shake well, taste, and if needed, add a bit of honey to sweeten.

2.     Fill small, chilled glasses with lots of ice cubes, mint leaves and thin slices of lime. Pour the pineapple coconut water into the prepared glasses, and finish with a splash for sparkling water.

Stoma Bingo

We hope you’ll join us in our game of Stoma Bingo!

Prior to the event print out this card and fill it in randomly with numbers from 1-75. If you don’t have access to a printer use a mark-up tool on your mobile device, phone or computer and play along digitally.

Winner will get a special prize donated from our event sponsors!