Are you suffering from IBD, or Colorectal Cancer, recovering from major digestive surgery or currently have an ostomy?

We have Remote Patient Monitoring services for you.

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  • Virtual consultation with Nurse
  • Remote-Patient-Monitoring from mobile device
  • Ongoing telehealth support from trained Patient Coach

Here is how SmartCare can work for you

Specialized Patient Education

Take control on your own healthcare with specialized patient education modules created by our clinical team. Learn how to properly prepare for surgery, the best diet for your condition, and how to care for your stoma all at your fingertips.

Health Goal Setting

Track your health goals digitally in our easy-to-use SmartCare app. Our app will measure your risk for dehydration and more. 

Ostomy Supply Ordering

Order your supplies through your Patient Coach without the need to be on the phone with your insurance company for extended periods of time. Fast, efficient and hassle free. 

24/7 Coach Support

Through regular communication with a Patient Coach we can monitor an ostomate’s output, fluid intake, risk of dehydration and even help with their ostomy supplies without the need to go to the hospital or talk to an insurance company.

Accessible Patient Data

With the sensors in our SmartBag technology medical teams can access all of the data collected in your bag no matter where you are.

Nursing Support

If you have any problems that your PC cannot deal with they can escalate your issue or concern to an in-house 11/Health Nurse. Our Nurses have been able deal with over 90% of patient queries via telehealth therefore, preventing unnecessary visits to the ER.

Get started with alfred: SmartCare in 3 easy steps:



1. Download the alfred: SmartCare app

2. Use the code “11H” to create an account

3. Expect contact from our Patient Coach team within one business day

Click here to view our response and to download our guide with tips & recommendations to stay safe.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) may be the best way to care for chronically ill patients during a pandemic

Chronically ill patients and those who wear medical bags are more high risk now, more than ever. Click HERE to view our response to COVID-19. 

The use of telemedicine has seen 53% growth between 2016-2017 according to the American Medical Association; and not only does remote patient monitoring mean an increased access to healthcare for many, and reduced medical costs…it also can be the answer to keeping chronically ill patients healthy during times of a pandemic. Keep reading…

In fact, never has the time been more right for telehealth, remote support, monitoring and self-management. 

The current pandemic could change the way healthcare is delivered forever. It may force the need to implement better self-management and less reliance on the hospital for care. If you are worried about quarantine, your ostomy and how you can stay monitored during a quarantine, then perhaps we can help. 

We are offering a FREE 12 Week Trial of our SmartCare System which includes the benefits of tracking your personal health goals digitally, access to specialized patient education, 24/7 dedicated Patient Coach support with Nurse escalation and more. 

Now is the time to stay safe, stay healthy, and stay together. (And remember…wash your hands!)

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