We are able to support patients anywhere they are through telehealth, goal setting, and more!

Soaring to brand new heights with Alfred: SmartCare

The Alfred Eco-System

How We Innovate with Technology

Sensors tracking hydration

· Heart rate variability tracking using Smartphone’s camera

· Drain detection, high output detection, shows risk of dehydration.

Sensors tracking skin

· Advanced thermo sensors to track skin condition such as irritation

· World’s first SmartWafer – Can also track the oncoming or an actual fever based on skin temperature

Sensors tracking stoma condition.

· Advanced thermo and capacitive sensors to track bag capacity

· Infusion detection for stoma activity monitoring

· Understanding individual patient’s bag and wafer utilization behavior via automatically inventory tracking

· 24/7 patient monitoring

· Personalized coaching service

· Nursing and clinical team escalation

· Patient support from pre-op to post-op

· Saves money, time and trips to your doctors

· Alfred SmartCare app available for iOS and Android

· Highly secure and strong privacy protection

We Support Enhanced Recovery Efforts with ERAS

We Support Enhanced Recovery Efforts with ERAS· Access any documentation from your doctor at your fingertip

· Surgery schedule, reminder, hospital direction and campus map

· Nutrition, mental and social support from pre-op to post-op

· Daily vital monitoring and self-assessment to get you thru your surgery

· Dedicated Patient Coach specialized in enhanced recovery support

· And more…


Patient Coaches

At the Heart of all recovery is the power of person-to-person connection.

Our trained and life-experienced coaches are here to help you throughout the journey of your healthcare.

Start improving your life

Are you suffering from chronic digestive issues? Are preparing to undergo stoma surgery? Are you looking for peer-to-peer support from someone who has shared the same experiences as you? Contact us today.


Smart, just got smarter!

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