11 Health and Technologies Limited - A Connected Medical Device Company

Extending the Reach of Nurses

Everyone knows the increased pressure that is put on nurses and nursing time.

Within ostomy/stoma care, the nurse is one of the most vital members of the healthcare team and 11 Health and Technologies Limited believes that our ostom-i Alert Sensor can be a significant device to assist nurses in many different ways.

A recent study conducted in the UK showed that on average it took eight minutes for a nurse to empty an ostomy pouch and then input the data on to a fluid balance chart. Our connected device automates that process in real time freeing up nursing time so that they can focus on other aspects of care.

We understand that the patients first point of contact is often the nurse. Nurses spend time with pre-op education and often have to manage post-operative issues. The ability to either receive email updates direct to a phone or computer or simply log in for access, allows nurses to see trends happening before they become a bigger issue that might need hospital intervention. For example, seeing that a patient's output is either increasing or decreasing helps in making important decisions ahead of time.

From recent patient research we have learnt that patients who empty earlier can often prevent difficult skin situations from arising. Pouches that leak or perhaps spill means that effluent sits on the skin surface and can cause infections.

Our connected device allows patients to set multiple alarms to alert them when there is any output. This can assist in helping patients manage the associated issues that often occur from an ostomy. We understand that different pouches suit different ostomates and have therefore deliberately designed our device to have an adjustable clip that ensures it can be attached to the vast majority of pouches. So whether a patient has an ileostomy, colostomy or urostomy, our device can accommodate for them. We also provide a 24-hour helpline for ostomates so that users do not have to be disturbed with any technical issues. For any conveniences, our device is also prescribable and insurance reimbursable.

11 Health and Technologies Limited - A Connected Medical Device Company

"The scope of this product is unimaginable! From patient comfort and security to infection control. As a physician dealing with immuno suppressed patients, infection control is of paramount importance. Nurses handling stoma effluent in order to measure it can unknowingly transfer microbes from one patient to another. This can be radically cut down by automated, digitally generated volumes. Allowing safe, effective and accurate follow up of multiple patients on the same ward..."

Dr. Anil Vaidya, Surgeon
Oxford University Transplant Centre

By remote monitoring, we can

  • Improve quality of life
  • Easy-to-use device and app
  • Measuring output becomes worry free
  • Available through most benefit plans*
  • Possible reduction of pouch size
  • Light-weight design
  • Unnoticeable
  • Reduced chances of infection
  • Connects to most ostomy pouches
  • Reduce time as a hospital in-patient
  • Latest Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • Remote ostomy output monitoring
  • Real-time data access
  • Reduce time as a hospital inpatient
  • Nursing staff can attend to more patients
  • Hospital tablet app connects to multiple patients
11 Health and Technologies Limited - A Connected Medical Device Company
  • ostom-i Alert Sensor is patent pending
  • Registered as a class one device with the MHRA - UK medical regulators
  • Full FDA 510K approval
  • Insurance reimbursement model
  • Full EMC approval based on testing the Bluetooth technology. The device is manufactured in Salt Lake City, Utah, in a factory that is certified ROHS compliant