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For Physicians Delivering Ostomy Care

Following ostomy surgery, it can take a period of time for a patient to adjust to a new lifestyle. Recent data has shown that on average 30% of patients are readmitted in the first three months post-op with the most common reason being dehydration. As an in-patient, fluid balance charts are the way to gauge whether dehydration is likely to occur. This due to the fact that it is the duty of the nurses to take the time and resources to manually measure patient output. They then manually enter the results on the patient records. In reality that can be difficult to sustain with the increasing workload pressures everyone is under.

The ostom-i Alert Sensor automates that process. It sends the output data in real time from the sensor directly to the nursing station where it can be viewed instantly on a tablet. It also sends the data securely to the cloud to allow remote access. This means that when doctors and physicians do their rounds in the ward, the output data is clearly visible in real time on the tablet and they can view exactly what has been happening.

In addition, by attaching a sensor post operatively doctors/ physicians start to enable patients to understand the value of output. But mainly how they can help prevent issues occurring that might lead to a readmission or a visit to the ER. Early adoption of the device enables patients to become better self-managers which can assist in earlier discharges from hospital.

Every new technology has to have a value proposition. We believe that our connected device delivers value from both an economic perspective and a patient satisfaction. Our health economic modelling with the National Health Service in the UK has shown a 33% cost saving against current methods of treatment.

In addition, the US insurance reimbursement provides patient satisfaction as our device is part of a toolkit to empower patients to better self-manage as well as having the comfort of knowing that the physician can remotely monitor them.


Michael Seres, the founder of 11 Health and Technologies Limited was diagnosed with the incurable bowel condition Crohn's Disease aged 12. After over 20 operations and intestinal failure he became the 11th person to undergo a small bowel transplant in the UK.

His own experience as an ostomy patient led him to designing the initial ostom-i Alert prototype whilst recovering from transplant. A published author and professional speaker, Michael is the recipient of Caregiver - Patient Duo Scholarship at the 2012 Stanford Medicine X Conference and develops patient engagement strategies for hospitals, primary care trusts and patient groups.


  • Improve quality of life
  • Easy-to-use device and app
  • Measuring output becomes worry free
  • Available through most benefit plans*
  • Possible reduction of pouch size
  • Light-weight design
  • Unnoticeable
  • Reduced chances of infection
  • Connects to most ostomy pouches
  • Reduce time as a hospital in-patient
  • Latest Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • Remote ostomy output monitoring
  • Real-time data access
  • Reduce time as a hospital inpatient
  • Nursing staff can attend to more patients
  • Hospital tablet app connects to multiple patients
11 Health and Technologies Limited - A Connected Medical Device Company
  • ostom-i Alert Sensor is patent pending
  • Registered as a class one device with the MHRA - UK medical regulators
  • Full FDA 510K approval
  • Insurance reimbursement model
  • Full EMC approval based on testing the Bluetooth technology. The device is manufactured in Salt Lake City, Utah, in a factory that is certified ROHS compliant