Welcome to the 11 Health Virtual HealthCare Ecosystem

Created for people living with complex gastrointestinal illnesses

The 11 Health Connected Care model is a high touch, high tech solution to ostomy care

Virtual HealthCare Ecosystem

There have been very few medical innovations made for chronically ill patients who are living life with complex digestive disorders.… until now. We are the leader in innovation for modern ostomy care and we have built a state-of-the-art Virtual HealthCare Ecosystem that supports patients from pre-op all the way through recovery – and beyond.

11 Health’s Virtual HealthCare Ecosystem offers a groundbreaking, integrated care experience that connects patients, and their medical teams, to technology-derived data that improves patient outcomes.

Reports on physiological parameters and other metrics for continuous improvement

Provides just-in-time access to specialized resources and trackers

Guides the Patient Journey, using an evidence-based educational curriculum

Performs real-time skin and health monitoring through cloud-based algorithms, triage and alerts

Improves patient outcomes and quality of life, reduces re-admissions and ER visits

Promotes healthy thinking and behaviors through education and biofeedback

4 Pillars of our Virtual HealthCare Ecosystem

Connected Wearables

Connected Wearables

Remote Monitoring Software

Remote Monitoring Software

Educational Modules Accessible Online

Educational Modules Accessible Online

Clinical Services

Clinical Services

It all starts with our

easy to use app

This chronic care management platform is available for free on all smartphones. Once paired with our services and products patients can use the app to:

SmartCare App

Utilize evidence-based educational resources and tips created by 11 Health and backed by patients to guide throughout their journey

Receive supportive education based on real time stoma activity

Experience digital insight into stoma activity

Perform health checks and interact with health trackers

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The Wearable Remote Output Monitor (ROM)

The Wearable Remote Output Monitor (ROM)

This ostomy pouch does more than collect output. This wearable medical device gathers stoma data for the patient and their medical team.

The Wearable Remote Output Monitor connects wirelessly to the 11 Health App. In the app, patients can review their personal data including risk of dehydration and intestinal blockage.

Patient’s medical team will be able to view the patient’s data through the 11 Health Clinical Dashboard – a HIPAA compliant, remote patient monitoring platform.

The Wearable Peristomal Skin Monitor (PSM)

Traditional wafers cannot compare to the 11 Health Peristomal Skin Monitor (SmartWafer).

As part of our two-piece ostomy care system, the Peristomal Skin Monitor (PSM) works with our Remote Output Monitor (ROM) and communicates with the 11 Health App to track patient health data. The PSM can alert patients to potential peristomal skin issues and detect leakage for a peace of mind no other ostomy bag can deliver!