Welcome to the Virtual HealthCare Ecosystem

Created for people living with complex gastrointestinal illnesses

Virtual HealthCare Ecosystem

There have been very few medical innovations made for chronically ill patients who are living life with complex digestive disorders.… that stops here. We are the leaders in innovation for modern ostomy care and we have built a state-of-the-art Virtual HealthCare Ecosystem that supports patients from pre-op all the way through recovery – and beyond.

11 Health’s Virtual HealthCare Ecosystem offers an integrated care experience…

…that connects patients and their medical teams to data using technology.

Reports on physiological parameters and other metrics for continuous improvement

Provides just-in-time access to specialized resources and trackers

Guides the Patient Journey, using an evidence-based educational curriculum

Escalates stoma-related challenges to telehealth nurses skilled in triage

Performs real-time monitoring to track skin health and effluent output

Delivers peer-to-peer support delivered by certified health coaches

Reports on physiological parameters and other metrics for continuous improvement

Promotes healthy thinking and behaviors through education and biofeedback

4 Pillars of our Virtual HealthCare Ecosystem

Connected Wearables

Connected Wearables

Remote Monitoring Software

Remote Monitoring Software

Educational Modules Accessible Online

Educational Modules Accessible Online

Clinical Services

Clinical Services

It all starts with our SmartCare App

This chronic care management platform is available for free on all smartphones. Once paired with our services and products patients can use the app to:

SmartCare App

Access hospital documentation, scheduling information, and custom care plan

Review pre-surgery checklist and pre-habilitation education

A route to escalate clinical concerns to an 11 Health nurse or their own clinical team

Evidence-based education, tips, and resources created by 11 Health and backed by patients

Digital insight into stoma activity, health check results, and health trackers

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The Wearable Remote Output Monitor (ROM)

The Wearable Remote Output Monitor (ROM)

This ostomy pouch does more than collect output. This wearable medical device gathers stoma data for you and your medical teams.

The Wearable Remote Output Monitor (SmartBag) connects wirelessly to the SmartCare App. On the app, patients can review personal medical data such as current output levels, estimated cumulative 24-hour output, and hydration information.

When using this system, patients’ medical teams will have access to the clinical dashboard – a complete remote patient monitoring platform that contains data transmitted from the wearable remote output monitor.

The Wearable Peristomal Skin Monitor (PSM)

Traditional wafers cannot compare to the 11 Health Peristomal Skin Monitor (SmartWafer). The PSM goes beyond protecting the stoma, transmitting data that reduces the risk for hospital readmissions for patients.

With the SmartWafer, not only will patients’ skin be protected from stoma output using hydrocolloid gel agents, but the embedded technology in this barrier design can also detect and alert patients of changes in their peristomal skin temperature.

As part of our two-piece ostomy care system, the Peristomal Skin Monitor (PSM) works alongside our Remote Output Monitor (ROM) and communicates with the SmartCare app to track health data and alert the patient of potential adverse health risks.


The Wearable Peristomal Skin Monitor (PSM)

11 Health Patient Coach Program

No matter what stage you are in during your health journey, we are here to support you.

The Patient Coach Program is a unique ostomy peer-to-peer support network that offers guidance, emotional support and education as you prepare for surgery and adapt to your new life with an ostomy.

As our efforts are focused on improving our technology, we are looking forward to re-launching the Patient Coach program in the future.

11 Health Patient Coach Program

Telehealth Nurse Escalation

This added service to the Patient Coaching subscription allows for patients to request a telehealth escalation by one of our licensed nurses. Our nurses will listen and then identify the best solution to help the patient resolve their ostomy-related health issue. This program is designed to complement the patient’s in-hospital clinical team and is a major step forward in treating the on-going health needs of ostomates.

When issues arise that Patient Coaches cannot mentor the patient through, the nurse escalation program is there to provide medical advice and guide patients through the problem.

Telehealth nurse support is part of the multidisciplinary medical support team that our subscribed 11 Health patients benefit from.

How Does a Patient Request a Telehealth Appointment?

Additional clinical support may be recommended based on the patients’ clinical data or initiated by patient request.

Our team of specially trained nurses triage every request for urgency and provide timely support & advice.

Our system makes it easy for the patient to schedule a call with our multidisciplinary support team at their convenience.

11 Health’s telemedicine software allows a patient to speak to an expert, receive medical advice, and get back to optimal health.

Are you a medical professional?

*Eligible patients will receive one (1) sample kit containing two (2) Remote Output Monitors and two (2) Peristomal Skin Monitors for no charge. Only patients 22 years of age or older are eligible to receive a sample kit. This offer is void where prohibited by law. 11 Health may modify or rescind this offer at any time without notice. The sample kits are not available to beneficiaries of Medicare, Medicaid or other federal or state healthcare programs or residents of Massachusetts. The sample kit cannot be re-sold, traded nor submitted to any third party payer for reimbursement and is not provided as any inducement for future purchases.