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Are you an ileostomy patient, or know an ileostomy patient who would be interested in being part of a clinical trial? We are currently accepting new patients. Contact us today!

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for chronically ill patients.


Our unique Connected Care solution lives within our Virtual HealthCare Ecosystem. This system is clinically proven to reduce re-admissions in ileostomy patients.

67% Reduction in ER visits*
40% Reduction in all-cause readmissions*

Our Virtual HealthCare Ecosystem offers an integrated care experience

11 Health’s Virtual HealthCare Ecosystem (VHCE) encompasses our suite of products & services.


Everything under the VHCE is designed to enable patient-driven healthcare that connects them to their medical teams using innovative 11 Health technology.

Virtual HealthCare Ecosystem
  • Reports on physiological parameters and other metrics for continuous improvement
  • Provides just-in-time access to specialized resources and trackers
  • Guides the Patient Journey, using an evidence-based educational curriculum
  • Performs real-time skin and health monitoring through cloud-based algorithms, triage and alerts
  • Improves patient outcomes and quality of life, reduces re-admissions and ER visits
  • Promotes healthy thinking and behaviors through education and biofeedback

*This claim is based on the research of 66 ileostomy patients who were closely monitored for the first 30 days following surgical discharge. This data is sourced from the clinical study “Improved 30-Day Surgical Outcomes in Ostomates Using a Remote Monitoring and Care Management Program: An Observational Study” published by the DCR journal.