11 Health and Technologies Limited is a connected medical device company, where all of our patented devices use Bluetooth® wireless technology to send secure real-time data to most mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets and watches. Data is stored on a HIPAA compliant cloud server and then shared with physicians, clinicians, nurses and family members who care for you. Our engineering teams work closely with patients, nurses and physicians to create the most elegant and seamless end user experience across all of our ostomy solutions.


Becoming an ostomy patient is an incredibly tough state to adjust to. The number of patients having either permanent or temporary stomas is rising at 10% per annum.

Thanks to modern technology, there's now a reliable way to prevent unpleasant surprises.


Everyone knows the increased pressure that is put on nurses and nursing time.

Within ostomy/stoma care, the nurse is one of the most vital members of the healthcare team and 11 Health believes that our ostom-i Alert Sensor can be a significant device to assist nurses in many different ways.


Following ostomy and stoma surgery it can take a period of time for a patient to completely adjust to a new lifestyle.

Recent data has shown that on average 30% of patients are readmitted in the first three months post op with the most common reason being dehydration.