Ostomy Care and Monitoring Products

Ostomy Care and Monitoring

11Health offers ostomy care and monitoring products that send alerts to a smartphone, Apple Watch or iPad. The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play.


Ostom-i Alert Connected Device

Ostom-i™ Alert Sensor

Ostom-i Alert by 11 Health is a discrete connected medical device that alerts patients via Bluetooth® as to how full their ostomy pouches are so that they can decide if it is time to empty them.


Ostom-i Hospital App

Hospital App

The hospital app is easy to use and allows physicians and nurses to remotely monitor multiple patients from a single tablet. All data is collected and stored in the cloud for easy review.




Becoming an ostomy (stoma) patient is an incredibly tough thing to adjust to. The number of patients having either permanent or temporary stomas is rising at 10% per annum. Thanks to modern technology, there’s now a reliable way to prevent ostomy pouch overflow.

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Everyone knows the increased pressure that is put on nurses and nursing time. Within ostomy and stoma care, the nurse is one of the most vital parts of the healthcare team and 11 Health believes that our Ostom-I Alert Sensor can assist nurses in many different ways.

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Following ostomy and stoma surgery it can take a period of time for a patient to completely adjust to a new lifestyle. Recent data has shown that on average 30% of patients are readmitted in the first three months post op with the most common reason being dehydration.

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The Ostom-i and the Hospital app work seamlessly together to allow nurses and physicians to monitor multiple patients .

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The Ostom-i connected medical device is the only FDA approved solution to monitor your stoma and ostomy output.